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    I like the idea of aggressively linking to this thread on their forum.

    Ultimately we can't make people's choices for them though, just give them the information.

    I think this thread should be stickied as a 'how-to' for bullshido investigations. And I nominate Deadmeat for a shiny tag or free supporting membership or a t-shirt or whatever the going prize for services above and beyond in fighting bullshido.

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    look at his Magic Mushroom pupils in his profile! :tard: Dude, I was a hardcore shroomer in my early 20's and I recognise that look. way of the void indeed. space cadet.

    we should all stop encouraging this guy as on planet fungus everything he says comes true.

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    DM my personal all be it perhaps not very mature opinion would be to take him up on his offer to attend his "school" and maybe take a few of your training buddies. Go through the bs, wait for the sparring, and take turns humiliating him in front of his students. At this point as far as I am concerned monk himself is a lost cause, his students might not be and like itisfake said if you are able to convince even one to drop that training then you would have done a great thing.

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    This is slightly off topic, but I saw this news article in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

    (take note of the fighers in the picture)

    Back on topic, I think the "Grill" is still more of a friends fight club than anything else. I doubt many of the students there are separated by more than two degrees outside of the club.

    It's a shame Monk has too big of an ego to realize that he isn't a legitimate martial arts teacher. If someone does get injured at the Grill there is a good chance they would be able to sue him. That's the danger to him for running a school without credentials or insurance.

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    Yep. That's Big Jim on top of Mick Cutajar. Mick is an incredible fighter himself. Finished 3rd in the 2005 Judo World Cup:

    and jiujitsu world cup 2006 champion:

    Cutta is a hard man - he spent three years in jail, during which he stabbed a child molester.

    In the fight pictured at the top, Warrior's Realm 3 I think it was, Jim won early in round one by verbal submission. Awesome.

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    I knew Brandon a long time ago when he lived in Toledo, Ohio (USA). This was way back in 2002 to 2004 range. He used to fancy himself a Martial Artists back then too. He swung a stick around very well, because he is a huge Star Wars fan and had a passion for lightsaber duals. I never believed in his tall tale of Martial Arts training. When I knew him, he was living in a fantasy and had a huge ego.

    I once had a brief conversation with his mother and she didn't know anything about his Martial Arts trainer, or the Master he supposedly learned from. This was not surprising. He was never able to demonstrate any real Martial Arts training or skill... just his Star Wars lightsaber antics. I enjoy Star Wars and a good lightsaber battle of geekery fun... but that's just make-believe fun, not an actual Martial Arts.

    He had a nice demeanor when we first met and we were friends for a while... but he let his unwarranted ego and selfish behavior get in the way of that. I found him to be dishonest and we haven't been friends since.

    Granted, I haven't seen or heard of Scybermonk in many years, so I have no idea what he's done since then... but from the sounds of it, I highly doubt that he's qualified in any way to teach Martial Arts. If he really wants to get into Martial Arts as a passion, he needs to grow up and do the hard work of getting accredited.

    I am sorry if he doesn't like what I have to say, but he needs to face reality. It's very disrespectful to hold a Dojo in any way if you haven't actually earned it. To create a Martial Art, you need to have something to back it up. Being involved in an already established Martial Art is the best way to start. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was created... but it was created by a man who worked his ass off in an known Martial Arts and built BJJ from that already established Martial Art. There was substance and hard work behind the creation of BJJ.

    Hopefully his mislead students will realize that they deserve more than a Star Wars fan. There are plenty of well respected Martial Artists out there to learn from.

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