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Thread: double kicks

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    Double side w/ recock = good. Double round with no recock = bad. Double round with recock = good, but too hard for beginner to intermediate. Round low + side = Goldilocks, aka just right.

    Missing a low or mid round and cocking up for the side is a dastardly maneuver that I wish more people would start to utilize. It's one of the main ways the side should be used since the average kicboxing/MT stance is not as conducive to the sidekick as the old, side-on krate/TKD stance is. But the TKD double, triple, or quadruple roundhouse kicks are about as worthless as the human appendix. Which is to say both will end up in your demise if they aren't cut out in time...

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    standing on one leg for an extended period of time is just asking to get cut kicked.
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