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    Moses Williams, Texas Bullshido Artist?

    I was combing through my memories of Texas and remembered this guy named Moses Williams, pioneer for the AOK (Amateur Organization of Karate), which has a reputation for ripping off its fighters and the "everyone gets a trophy" practice. As I read through his website, I couldn't help but question a person who has trained under someone who calls himself "High Priest Rick Anderson." Not to mention, the other "Grand Masters" he has trained under have little to no information available on the internet. His vague claims of being "world renown for his skills in the martial arts" and his claim of "10th degree black belt" (in what?) also harbor suspicion. Also, WHAT is "Spiritual Kung-Fu"?

    If this guy is so well known throughout the world, I'm sure I'll get several replies. If not, then this guy is full of it.

    Anyway, does anyone else know about this guy? Here's a direct link to his bio and website. Enjoy:


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    It keeps making references to 'black-belts' in the context of his kung-fu, and in the photo-gallery all of his students seem to be wearing black gis with karate/TKD style belts.

    Aside from teaching a style with clearly illegitimate roots at a McDojo, was there anything in particular you are concerned about or trying to bring to people's attention? (And have you trained with him at all?)

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    Finish off the Soryu investigation thread before you start looking at others to question please.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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    I've actually trained with Moses Williams briefly and I know a blackbelt under him. He teaches kajukenbo, or did when I trained with him. I'd like to see how to delete these spam posts, and then if you have something to contribute in terms of an investigation, I'm all ears...


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