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    One thing I suggest is learn to predict punches from body movements. Don't try to track the fists - that's pretty much impossible, good eyesight or not. Try to pick up body motions, strating at the hip/shoulder, and how they translate to punches. Trying to track fists is a trap many beginner boxers fall into, and it almost invariably leads to being knocked the **** out. This is even worse outside the boxing sandbox as there's more weapons to keep track of.

    Thanks man, good advice for everyone!

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    <BLOCKQUOTE id=quote>quote:

    Thanks man, good advice for everyone!

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    No problem. This is something that I was never taught in my Karate training, but was shown the first time I walked into a boxing gym. When I learned not to watch the fists, that alone pushed my striking game up a level.
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