Takedown and Throw Seminar with Chris Haueter

At the South Bay Budokan in Torrance CA
Sunday October 19th from 10Am to 3PM
We will be having a 1-day takedown and throw seminar with our BJJ instructor Chris Haueter on Sunday, October 19 2003.
The seminar will cover the following:
[list] [*]Basic mechanics of easily applicable takedowns and throws.
Such as double and single leg, Uchimata, and hips throws [*]Setting up these throws and how to 'open one door when another closes'. [*]Integrating these throws into your game. [*]Drilling them alive. [/list:u]
This seminar is open to anyone.

The cost will be $75 for the 5-hour seminar

Call For details contact David Dow.
ph: 310-366-7575
e-mail: [email protected]
Order online before Oct. 17, 2003** If you are interested in the seminar but you don't have ukemi skills (rolling and breakfalls) please come at least 30 min. early and we will work with you on getting some basics down.
The Seminar will be from 10Am to 3PM Sunday, October 19th with a 1-hour break for lunch.

David Dow