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    Post Eye Surgery-- when to start up again.

    Hey folks,

    I'm about two weeks into my recovery after having eye surgery(ICL, not lasik, but the same basic principal, ie, a flap was cut, i have sutures in my eyes at the moment), and i was wondering how long it was before people with simliar surgeries started training again.

    I've cleared it with my doctor for doing heavy lifting, so i can at least still do bench, squats, deads, ect. And his documentation has me avoiding contact sports for a bit(can't remember exact number, something like a month or two) and then using 'protective gear' when doing said sports. Which, well, ok, i spar with headgear, but thats not really covering my eyes, so it isn't protective in that manner.

    My gym has a cardio routine, so i'll definitely start there and work my way up, but i still have to avoid getting sweat in my eyes, so if anyone has some bad ass headbands they can recommend, please share=)

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    Just explain to your Doc what type of contact sport training you do. He should be able to answer your question.

    Personally I'd be more concerned about my eye than getting back to training. Muay Thai will always be there when you get better, but you can cause serious damage to your eyes if you resume training too early.

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    yea exactly just ask your doctor when your eye will be fully healed.


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