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    Shreveport Tae Kwon Do

    I mentioned in the summary, this school was my first, and the best I've been to. Our instructor completely threw out much of the traditional training.

    Classes are thirty minutes. Some people laugh at this, but believe me, they shouldn't. I have been to classes that train for over an hour, and I learned more in the thirty minutes of my old school (which I still go to when I'm back in my hometown), and got more of a workout than I have since. It's fast paced and constant.

    We did not do forms, at all, or weapons, except to learn how to defend ourselves from knives and various other items that might be used in a real fight.

    There were two classes. Beginer and Advanced. Advanced was also thirty minutes, but even more aerobic (I think that's the term) than beginner.

    When you reached a certain belt (it changed after I left) you were able to attend sparring classes. Sparring was also thrity minutes. Every day you went to regular classes, you also attended sparring. Matches started out low contact for the lower belts. The goal was to learn control, not beat the other person up. As you rose higher in levels, the more contact was allowed. For those who wanted it, full contact sparring (not so much a class as trainining) was offered on Saturdays, along with a more rigorous non-belted kickboxing workout (not-sparring).

    So... yeah. I think that's about it.
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    Ummmm.....grappling? What grappling?

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    Oops. Thought I'd clicked n/a on weapons and grappling. Guess not. Fixed now.


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