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All very helpful info. Thanks!

Any special insight regarding transfers "to corporations (or other legal entities...)"?
One of the steps in the process of the paper work is a signature from your cheif law enforcement officer. This is typically a sign off from the cheif of police, district attorney, or county sherrif. All it means is that the cheif LEO says you are not a criminal or a nutjob. It's actually a leftover from the Jim Crow era, so they could keep blacks, catholics, insert minority here, from having machine guns.

In most areas the cheif LEO will sign off and in a lot of states they are required to do so by law unless you are a criminal. In some instances the cheif LEO will not sign off, this is where the corporation comes into play.

If a corporation buys the weapons as an investement there is no need for a sign off from the cheif LEO. Which is handy if they are being dicks, but otherwise you can buy the weapon yourself.