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    Why did I not hear of any pankration schools befor the ufc. We don't know what moves they did 3000's ago. If what I saw on human weapons was used then. how did martial arts devolve not evolved when kung fu came around. Then the ufc is here and all of a sudden pankation is back bull ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleetness151
    Then the ufc is here and all of a sudden pankation is back bull ****
    Arvanitis has been working on his system, which is more a reimagining than it is a re-creation, since the 1970s. It seems to be mostly Muay Thai strikes with Greco takedowns and some subs. In fact, it's been mentioned on here in some ancient thread that Arvantis used some MT strikes in his new system as the ones he believed the ancient Greeks to use weren't as good.

    His research involved reading old accounts and looking at surviving images on vases and whatnot, and trying to find modern analogues. He's not claiming to know some ancient system.

    As far as the school itself, beats the heck out of me. The actual system remains rather closely held; whether this is because Arvanitis wants all the credit or because he is interested in quality control, or a bit of both, is an open question.

    Some claims:

    The OP should go to the school and check it out, why not?

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    The OP may have in the 5 years that have passed since the last post on the subject and eleetness151's decision to resurrect this thread.

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