I recently found myself stuck in this area of Washington for a spell before meandering back down to Cali and went to check this place out. I am not the most qualified person to give judgement, but the thoruogh covering of form, strikes etc, grappling, pressure point and mat work struck me as quite impressive and lacking in formality. Nice vibe, but they aren't messing with slow movements while quoting scriptures or something.
I myself am not a Christian and they haven't burned me at the stake, and reading through their little purpose pamphlet gives a great rendition of eastern notion of ego in christian terms, if I may tangent. Thus far I've seen little difference between Jesus, Buddha, Krshna or any of those radical love anarchists.

My concern is merely whether it covers a good deal of what I am interested in, and just as I was digging into books to create my own similar curriculum at home, I found this place and met with Dr. Kulp, his wife, and another visiting instructor who focused on floor technique.

Quite the serendipity in my opinion. I always felt the "hard/soft" distinction was BS, but it's easy to see direct aplicibility in a form when you have attacks and perrys, opportunities to take advantage of imbalance while maintaining one's own and grappling from standing and floor positions.

I've enjoyed it so far and dig the non-competative ambiance, whether that's a red flag for some. I fail to see how putting sporting rules and neutering a form makes it more real for self defence. I don't plan on having pads on, getting a warning, or worrying about the proverbial hitting below the belt one sees in competative sport combat.

Just thought I'd throw my 2cents after recently joining both this particular dojo and this site.