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    Vertex Jiujitsu in Riverhead Long Island, NY

    Gregg DePasquale is a 3 stripe Brown Belt under Renzo Gracie Black Belt Joe D'Arce. He is also an excellent wrestler and competed in the county tournaments while in high school.

    He just opened up a new school in Suffolk County Riverhead, NY. It's located inside the Ultimate Fitness East Gym.

    I have trained with Greg and he is a great coach, not only in BJJ but also in MMA and conditioning. He trains multiple fighters who compete in both Amateur and Professional fights.

    He currently has two classes per week :
    Mondays 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM No Gi
    Wednesdays 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Gi

    He plans on adding more classes when he can.

    If you're in the area I would check it out and take a free class. It's the only Brazilian JiuJitsu school in Suffolk County that far east that I know of, so if you're in Riverhead give it a shot.

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    Hey guys i relize this is an old post but im getting many people contacting me asking me where Gregg DePasquale trains now and asking to train with him. Gregg is a great instructor and one of the most sucessfull MMA coaches on Long Island, Gregg Trains welterweight Ryan LaFlare current UFC propect, UFC fighter Dennis Bermudez, and up and coming lightweight Chris Wade, just to name a few guys on his roster.

    Gregg is one of the best and most caring instructors i know he now owns and operates Long Island MMA in East Farmingdale (www.limixedmartialarts.com) if you are interested in training with Gregg or any of the crew at long island MMA call them now at 1-631-592-8339

    p.s Gregg is now a black belt and has been one for over 3 years


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