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    Intynse Fightwear Fightshorts

    Since I know the guy who runs this company I got a chance to try out these shorts. I have to say, they're really damn good. One of my biggest concerns was on the fit and flexibility. I'm a little bit bigger guy, and I've had trouble fitting boardshorts in the past. These are true to size and fit me very well with extra room considered for the cup.

    The other big issue for me, as I mentioned, was going to be flexibility. Besides being a little bigger, I'm actually fairly flexible as well. These shorts are already made of a pretty flexible/stretchy material. However, they also have a crotch panel that adds more room, as well as being extra flexible and moisture-wicking. This has allowed me to throw head kicks without a problem as well as pull jiu-jitsu moves like the omoplata that usually require a fair amount of flexibility. I never once felt like I was stressing the shorts at all, or that the seems felt drawn tight.

    As for the basic features. These are extremely lightweight shorts. They feature a velcro front closure and an internal drawsting. It also has a mouthguard pocket on the inside of the waistband. It should be noted the only thing I haven't rated is durability because I've only had them for a few weeks. They do not show the least bit of wear yet, but I felt it is a little soon to rate durability on them.

    I honestly feel that, especially for the price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable pair of shorts. For more information on these shorts, and their other products go to:


    edit: I've been rolling with these constantly since I got them, and got another pair. They hold up extremely well. Not even starting to show wear (3 times a week per pair). Added 8 durability (would have been more, but I don't feel I've had them long enough to rate any higher).

    edit 2: still using the same pair, and got another one as well. They get used multiple times a week and are still holding up great. Only a little bit of fraying in some thread. So bumped it to a 9 in durability.

    edit 3: since the Materials/PQ category was added I needed to add that to the review. These are extremely well put together with strong and lightweight materials. The only reason I have a 9 instead of a 10 is because of some minor fraying of some thread.
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