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    I choose Kung Fu because my kwoon was a home away from home. I respect few people like I respect my sifu. I'm currently training Muay Thai at a different place, but I still call it Kung Fu. If I ever train BJJ, I'll call it Kung Fu. Like Omega, I'm making up my own Kung Fu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega the Merciless
    Yeah, but Americans, and other westeners are very moronic when it comes to stuff like this. When I try to tell the the real way to pronounce karaoke, that jiujitsu isn't synonamous (spell check) with MMA or grappling in general, that kung-fu isn't neccessarily all about martial arts. They don't care. They live in their sphere of arrogance unwilling to change or even try to understand. Even members here on the forum fail to see my point. Except Chuan here. Everybody's like, well that's SAMBO, or that's your Jujitsu, or that's your Judo. No it's my kung-fu.....

    *steps off soap box.
    While you are correcting the pronunciation of "karaoke", are they correcting your mangling of "jujutsu"?


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