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    More such posts please! Personal experience, detailed description - a serious contribution to the debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cullion
    When I did Chi Sau it was different to the pushing hands I now do in several ways. Other people's mileage will vary. I don't claim to have the real chun. :-

    1) We did use our bodies in Chi Sau. Power generation as I was taught in WC was about transfer of an explosive movement from the back leg more than using hip rotation. This was also used in a less explosive way to drive people where you wanted them to go when you had them trapped (we used to bang each other into walls to make a point). In the tai chi I've been taught there's far more expansive movements with use of body rotation for power.
    Nice post. I also think this is the main flavor difference overall, straight line vs Torque. Each having some of the other, but ....

    from post#14
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr._Tzun_Tzu
    It simple boils down to whether you keep your centerline lined up constanly(WT) or if you instead rotate your centerline sight on and off target to generate Torque.

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    Until the Bulltube is fixed:
    DTT vs Sirc

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