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My comment about cinderblocks was in connection to that which the object to be broken is set upon - i.e. you place two cinderblocks on the ground/floor a foot or so apart, then place the brick, block, board, etc. across the gap between the two cinderblocks, with the ends of the breakable object just touching, and being supported by the edges of the cinderblocks.

It's been a long time since I studied high school physics, so I'm not even going to attempt to explain this in technical terms - but the gap between the cinderblocks provides space for the breakable object to deform into when struck, making the break easier than it would be if the object were just flat on (and being supported by) the ground.

Sorry, that was a crap explanation. I can visualize what I mean in my head - honestly. :suicide:
I know what you mean... When you set it on the very ends there is a whole lot more stress on middle. I don't set them this way. But some guys do and yes some people use cinderblocks, not concrete which is pretty easy to break through.

Breaking is definitely a ruse though. Hey heres a true story about how breaking helped me defeat 5 drunks haha... I finished my shift bouncing and found a few concrete blocks i figured I would give the old knife hand to at home... well here come these five drunk steriod looking frat boys and they are looking for it.. so naturally at the time I was a handsome 180 pound kid... who better to **** with? sure enough they start, they want to block my way for starters and start to surround me.

So one of em asks me "what are those blocks for"? I look at em and I tell em "I break these with my body" they stop a second the guy says "No way" so I take the first one "bammmm!!! right over my noggin, they take a look ....so I take the others set them up and give it the old knifehand, and bam!!! long story short I now had five drunken buddies who walked me home, wanted to study the whole nine yards.... haha.