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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake
    (Terrible taiji crappling video)
    Someone posted the same video over at Tim Cartmell's Shen Wu website along with this question:

    When I read the comments there was this line about how BJJ people at high levels use this - true?
    Tim's reply:

    When you grapple with someone at a higher level in BJJ, you will feel they are much heavier than they really are, and your movement will be greatly restricted. The game will be "tight" and the leverage applied will be precise.

    Training in the manner demonstrated in that video will not develop those skills.
    What I like so much about this reply is that it's simple, classy and says no more than the truth. I'm not sure I would have been able to restrain myself from typing out phonetic puke noises.

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    I have always respected Tim. May not agree all the time but I respect him.

    He meshed Hsing-I and BJJ. So, he actually speaks from experience not OMG I'm a 9th level Xingyi master that watches UFC. You don't need grappling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Crack Taoist
    The person to the left of the picture is Ben Hill Bey. "Bey" or "El" denotes membership or association with the Temple of Moorish Science.. a spiritualist organization which was one of the parent groups for the Nation of Islam.
    I don't want to start a protracted thing here, but I feel I should weigh in on Ben Bey.

    I don't know Novell, but Ben Hill Bey is the person I'm learning Bagua from* (Currently the base Yin Fu palm changes). Curry has never come up in discussions. Ben Sifu credits the majority of his training to Kenny Gong. As for his Bagua, in my estimation (and that of other's I deeply respect), it's solid.

    In terms of the "Bey" thing, I have yet to see any outside ideology bleed into Ben Hill Bey's lessons or practices. The same goes for a second "Bey" I know, his training brother Sharif Bey, a member of Frank Yee's Hung Ga family (the same line as Ming Loyalist). Sharif Sifu's Hung Ga is impeccable.

    - Matt

    * - I'm a "seminar" student. Our school hosts Bey Sifu about once a month. So I'm not going to say that I'm an accepted full time student. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow me to regularly make the trek to Syracuse to train there.
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    Moorish Science is a couple of generations removed from the Nation of Islam anyway. Moorish Science is also split itself, but none of the major factions have extensive histories of racial hatred. They certainly have a better record on race than, say, the Southern Baptist convention. Moorism also has at least one major exponent on the far left in Peter Lamborn Wilson, who also writes as Hakim Bey.

    This should in no way be read as a defense of Novell trying to get some Khalid Muhammed-themed traffic to his site. It just seems like a stretch to go from "Bey" to (some unidentified faction of Moorish Science to Nation of Islam, and then to suggest that there is no stretch at all.

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