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    hey Joe, we just finished up another BJ Penn seminar up here in TO. (second one within 4 months)

    I envy u man. BJ is awesome, and Rigan too.

    they have such a friendly, yet competitive spirit, and they absolutely hold nothing back when asked about their 'secrets' or favorite techniques

    wish u the best out there with BJ,

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    I really like Joe- it's always cool to have someone you meet online go from MMA dreams to legit fighter- and I think I was the only person in the entire Pond who was screaming for him when he came in vs Jens Pulver, but Gabe was my first BJJ instructor, so I have no idea who I would root for. People should know that Gabe came off like **** on TUF, and clearly was having some issues, but he is a legit BJJ brown belt and tough MMA fighter. He took down Melvin Guillard and had his back and almost a RNC when the bell ended the first round. Obviously, that fight, just like TUF, did not go as he would like, but it's not like he is just going to roll up into a fetal position. He is also training with A-level fighters right now at Team Quest, so I think he could surprise a lot of people.

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    D-Lau is a fucking menace, and when I saw him the other day he was even bigger than the last time I saw him. Just know that being a Lauzon means you are training all day everyday, I mean seriously they fight over everything, the remote, the last piece of chicken, the love of their mother and father...I mean you saw Joe fight, and we don't call Dany "the Upgrade" for nothing. Also I wonder how Gabe fares out at Team quest, those guys are too legit 2 quit and don't seem to be the "I can't make weight cuz i like cake" types. He must got somthing if they let him in the door. ( more cake???)

    p.s. there is a picture in the Lauzon kitchen of Big Joe (dad) as he is rearing back upon his stallion in the breakiong waves of the atlantic was taken after he had sucessfully ridden the stead across the pond from England. seriously.
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