What's up zaohu? I know exactly what your going through. I was diagnosed with epilepsy my senior year of high school. Was training in MMA for a few years before my diagnosis and had plans of fighting professionally. Those plans were shattered, but when it comes to training it's hard to determine the route someone with epilepsy should go. Of course you will hear from numerous people that you should quit anything where you could get choked or a blow to the head. That is tru but it is hard to quit something that you love doing so much. Just because you have epilepsy does not mean you should stay locked away in a glass bubble. Sometimes you have to take risks, I guess you have to weigh the options yourself and decide for yourself. Personally I still train. That might not be the decision for you tho, it all is on you. Good Luck man and if you ever wanna talk about anything feel free to hit me up, it helps to talk to other epileptics about this problem.
PS: Method2Madness-----You are an IDIOT! Do you know how hard it would be to hurt your opponent if you are having a seizure?! Your body goes limp first then convulses, you totally black out. It would be impossible for you to hurt anyone with a submission because once you start convulsing you would lose the submission. Don't give advice if you don't know WTF you are talking about, THANKS