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    Jundokai Judo & Jujitsu Club

    This club has a really decent price. $45 for 3 month periods. There is no requirement to wear a gi either, but it is recommended. The gi can be bought for $40 and the school patch is included in the price. Also if you already own a gi you can wear it even if it is another color or has brazilian jiujitsu patches all over it. But I would suggest trying to stay with white. If you already have a rank in a style like BJJ than you can wear that belt to class. Rank testing is not at all stressed and is just another option. You can buy CDROMs for $15 for both Judo and Jujitsu (one each). This tells you the cirriculum you need to know for each rank test.

    This club teaches Wushu Ryu Jujitsu and is based on self defense and not sport. The Judo is sport oriented and it has a lot of hard alive sparring. The Judo is really encouraged to train in because its the only sparring you get.
    If you want MMA type training then this isn't the best choice. But this is a great place to pick up techniques and then go with your friends and practice them hard on your own and take into your MMA arsenal.

    One annoying thing is that the head instructor teaches too many techniques at once with little time to refine them before switching. There is no seperate begginers class so new students have a frusterating time learning things that will stick with them. A lot of the techniques are too advanced for a white belt to learn.

    This class will give you good exercise and decent randori and has a great price you can't beat. Skill is stressed more than rank and no one really cares about rank that much. You will learn mainly grappling and not much striking even though stikes are in Jujitsu class when training. This is a decent small club to train in and I recommend it if you live close to the area.
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    Can you post the address to this location. Thank you


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