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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaiboxerken
    No, he can't. There is no such energy as ki. Humans cannot yell loud enough to cause sonic vibrations that can stop swords or kill birds. These are the facts.
    He couldn't have conditioned his vocal chords to develop this sort of power since human vocal chords don't have this sort of potential. Doctors, biologists, and those with common sense agree... banshee killing powers don't exist.

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    Worse yet, a bell is a very touchy instrument. Try laying a small bell on it's bottom edge ona table top, then ringing it with a pencil or some such. Notice a problem? The "bell" curvature itself reverberates the tone. Set the edge of it down and it "roots" to the surface, making the entire surface a part of the curvature and, thus, a part of the harmonic frequency.

    Harmonic frequency depends on small surfaces, fairly isolated and not rooted. So there was an obvious trick being used with the bell ringing vid I saw. Simply put, you hang a bell so that the hanging point is as minimal a surface as possible to allow the ringing. Set it on it's edge and it loses the tonal quality of ringing.

    I suspect there was A) a secondary bell tone, via a bell suspended within the larger one and activated by some form of trigger (perhaps a device in the floor or the stamping as a signal to a second accomplice), or B) some other form of unknown system by which the above could easily be reproduced. Who knows. But what I do know is, physics says ringing the bell with it's edge down is hard to do in perfect circumstances, even harder to do with harmonics.

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    Bells don't ring when they sit on the floor. That's why they have tiny (relatively) little loops at the top; so they are relatively free from dampening effects.

    And human bodies, as a whole, don't have a resonant frequency. Resonant frequency is pretty much dictated by the physical properties of a structure, and this tends to rely on any given structure being simple (ie all made of the same stuff in the same proportions) or all modules (for want of a better term coming to mind) of a structure somehow having a unifying resonant frequency.

    All that having been said, a sound-based force-field (which is what you're suggesting here) makes no sense. If I'm going to be put off by a kiai, it's probably going to be because I think the guy yelling at me has to be a nutter, and best avoided.

    Nice idea, but no legs.

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