T-Kanes Kung-Fu Karate is run by Mr. Terry Kane and has been instructing there for about six years. The building has been a martial arts school since the 1960's. He teaches the combined styles of White Tiger Kung-Fu (Bok Fu), Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kickboxing. I was a student of his school for three months.

T-Kanes Kung-Fu Karate is not a fighting school. You will not learn how to fight from him. There is no full sparring and I only saw point-sparring happen twice while I was there and it was being done by the higher belts.

Aliveness: 1 because there is no zero.
Training is 99% compliant pre-choreographed drills and Kata work. The only thing that came close to aliveness was a drill we did that was basically shadow boxing using Kung-Fu strikes while always moving forward. I did it once in the three months there.

Equipment: 7
There isn't much equipment to use other than pads and a wavemaster but those are kept in good condition. Also the gym is kept well maintained and clean.

Gym Size: 7
There are three areas where training can take place and as the class size grows or shrinks there is usally enough room to keep practicing safely. However there are still days when the kids class is very large and it makes things difficult and crowded.

Instructor/Student Ratio: 8
Mr Kane was there every day that I was leading the class. He usually starts the Adult class and keeps with us for about half the class time until the kids class starts and then he works with them. He always has several knowledgeable assistant instructors with him who are happy to help students like me get the techniques down. There are no 15-year-old black belts helping out or anything like that.

Atmosphere/Attitude: 10
No one causes any trouble and everyone is willing to help. Couldn't be any better in this regard.

Striking Instruction: 6
A good 1/3 of the class is Kickboxing. It is all pad work but you get to go full speed and really work up a sweat. If there are an odd number of students and you are the odd-man-out then you are encouraged to at least do the strikes against the air until you can switch with someone and go against the pads.

Grappling Instruction: 1
No grappling.

Weapons Instruction: 6
The weapons include Nunchaku, Staff, Sword (I'm not sure what kind), Tonfa and Sai. Students can buy their own or the school has a large amout of spairs that students are welcome to use (and usually do). I was only there long enough to learn the nunchaku stuff and while it was fun it was 100% kata and from the looks of it all the other weapons were too.

Overall/My Impression:
Mr Kane is a good person and a good instructor but he does not teach fighting at his school. However I do not believe he runs a McDojo as the class is cheap and there is no pressures made to buy other things. Also there are no contracts at his school or an outside business to make sure people pay their dues. At the front desk there is a metal box where people put an envelope with their dues in and that is it for collecting dues. I actually trained for a week after my 3 month payment was up and he never brought it up that I owed money. Also I would not say that Mr Kane teacher Bullshido as he never made any claims of fancy lineage or ultra-deady one-hit-moves. When class was going he was very focused on teaching the techniques and never really talked about himself. Class was usually just him demonstrating techniques and then the class would compliance-drill them until kickboxing started (my favorite part by the way).

My impression of the school is that it is mostly for the kids. His kids class is huge. The children enjoy it (especially the Kiai, which he does not make the adults do) and the majority of the people in the Adults class are usually parents of people in the kids class. I had done Aikido for three semesters before signing up here (because the Aikido class was not going on during the summer) and it really felt a lot like that. This was my first experience to an art other than Aikido and it was interesting to see how they did some things.

Mr. Kane's son runs an affiliated school (I Newark I believe, but can not remember for sure) but I did not visit it.