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    Aliveness (10/10):
    Majority of the training in this dojo consists of randori, with about a minute rest in between. The class, on average days, will warm up with stretching and ukemi (falling / breakfalls), and begin some uchikomi (basic movement practices), and line up for randori in rotation with all your fellow classmates. No weight-class, just 5-15 minutes of hard randori per opponent.

    Equipment (10/10):
    Like all Judo dojos, this place also has a mat to practice on! The mat is not those of a typical Judo dojo, and instead uses a large, but softer type of mat to avoid injury. The dojo also supplies first aids such as bandages and athletic tapes (for common injuries such as sprained fingers/toes), and disinfectants for the occasional blood that shows up on the mat.

    Gym Size (10/10):
    Has a very clean bathroom (That's an A++ in my book), a roomy area for visitors to sit down and observe, and practice area is big enough for 6 pairs of randori sessions at the same time.

    Instructor/Student Ratio (10/10):
    The class is mainly run by a heirarchy. Normal days, a 5dan will lead the class through practice, with the head sensei observing, and interfereing on some occasions to stress a point. The techniques are all taught to one another by the members themselves, with a senior judoka sharing his knowledge to those below them.

    Atmosphere (10/10):
    There is a very friendly, and warm "family" atmosphere to the dojo. During training, everyone is serious, and focus on improving themselves, and even give some pointers to each other. Before training, or once training is over, every pats each other, and talk about their days.

    Grappling (5/10):
    While grappling does exist in this dojo, it is rarely practiced. Those who already are familiar with newaza (ground work) will continue after their tachiwaza (standing portion of judo randori), while those who are not, will simply restart. Actual teaching of groundwork is done class, and taught by one of the other students, while having supervision from our head sensei.
    This part of the grade recieved a 5, as grappling is not taught as part of our practice, and is just simply encouraged to train on our own times.

    Edit 7/15/07:
    This dojo does not require you to have a membership with USJF. I thought I'd add this, as there are some dojos that will require the members to sign up under USJF, or any other Judo group (USJA, USJI).
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