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    Combat Sambo Center NY

    Combat Sambo Center of NYC offers a great MMA training facility and instruction. I've only been with these guys for a little while but all the instructors are very knowledgable and very respectful. Theres no insane amout of bowing, or Ki-a, or kata, or ridiculos bull ****. Depending on what day and time you come you can cover diffrent MA's. The school offers Combat Sambo, Thai boxing, Judo, and boxing. The equitment is really nice and the training area is very clean (zal_web.jpg). Its very formal and very realistic. When youre done with your class you can stay and just work out or do bag work for as long as possible. Everyone is respectful and class always goes smoothly and by the end you feel like you get a very good workout. The grappling and judo is very high level here and if you take Sambo you'll be rolling ALOT. You do take down drills, mount drills, and belt protection drills all with a gi and then full out grappling. Thai boxing and boxing classes start off with exercise, warm up, bag work, and then sparring. In the gym there is no ego and everyone is just training as hard as possible. If you leave in in or near the Sheepshead Bay Area I would highly reccomend this MA school over the huge amount of McDojo Tae Kwon Doe schools in the area. Theres also a Pua Kua place somewhere around here too. **** them. I've been to them all, they all suck. This place is great. Paying system can either be 30$ per lesson. So you come in, drop off 30$ bucks, train, and then do whatever you want for the rest of the time (cardio, weights, bag work, etc...). There are payment plans where you can just get your own personal gi and full month payed for so you can come whenever you like. Just contact the gym and see what type of plan you can work out with them. building.jpg

    Tel. 718.303.2632
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    $30 a class? That's expensive.

    Also, you said they do Thai boxing? The guy holding the mitts in the site pic looks like he's teaching Western/European kickboxing.

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    I live in the Area ...Someone who went there...talk a little more about the dojo..especially what the judo is like?...i know the sambo is the russian groundfighting..how about the JUDo?..is the judo "russian Judo" or "japanese judo" and how is the instruction...was thinking about taking some judo there..btw vodaman has a point ...30 bucks a class is pricey

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    Please explain why you believe the grappling and striking instruction are a 10 at your school. For example, Steve Koepfer, the President of the American Sambo Association, posted a review of his own school and only gave his grappling instruction a 9. The grappling instruction at American Top Team at Coconut Creek, Florida, was given a 10, BUT they have instructors who are multiple time BJJ and Abu Dabi World Champions.

    Further, that same ATT school received a 10 in striking because they have Muay Thai and MMA belt holders as well as US Olympic Boxing team members and coaches instructing their striking applications.

    Please read the Ratings Guideline stickie and adjust your scores appropriately.


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