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    Quote Originally Posted by saturnjunkie
    Oh, I know, it is the fact he is now "really" withdrawing his presence from the web.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new2bjj
    Sure, he had some punching power, from what some people write on here, but so what?
    At a quoted 230lbs you'd expect a bit of power!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    Fuckin weasel sat back grinning while JFS got up in my face and then wrote about it as "anna dangling from JFS's hand like a rabbit ready for slaughter"

    Which is actually complete bullshit, JFS had his hand on my neck for about half an instant, I slapped it off and then Jordan charged..

    He also refused to meet me later that evening when JFS was at work nor would he meet me the next day (I stayed an extra day in maryland in hopes of making something happen).

    At any rate, I had no real malice for Omar before, I wanted to beat him up simply to prove that he's not very good. Now I want to fight him for the sake of hurting him.

    Edit: Oh...yeh...I forgot about him refusing to move to a reasonable location in the first place.
    You don't know me but I do have to say I thought you handled yourself very well in the video I had seen. I've been reading all about this **** with JFS and Omar I gotta say its like some crazy soap opera. But you were very classy.

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