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    Cissero Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

    This is one of the best and the most affordable places to train BJJ in the San Jose area.

    Training is scheduled seven days a week, and split equally between gi and no gi. The school is medium to small in size, but there are always plenty of people to train with. People train hard at this school, but everyone has a good attitude. New or experienced students are always welcome to stop by and check out a class. Tues and Thurs are the busiest nights.

    This is not a tournament school, but many people that attend compete in BJJ and submission wrestling competitions. MMA fighters come in regularly to work on their grappling.

    Students who have trained in other martial arts are also welcome. I come from a judo background and there are also a lot of former wrestlers who train here.
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    Wow, cool. I was surprised to see that the place where I train in BJJ has already been written up here. I was thinking of writing it up myself. Some things to add, since this was written up three years ago:

    • Now Tom has two Judo black belt instructors come on Tuesdays to teach Judo.
    • On Wednesdays and Fridays, the first half of class is usually devoted to boxing, which Tom teaches.
    • The school has moved, and is now located on 1043 Park Ave., San Jose, CA. Tom moved his school to this location just before I started, so I have never seen the old place and can't compare the two. However, now he has a place of his own, while before he shared a location with a TKD school.


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