Gauntlet Jiu-Jitsu offers the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction I have ever had. It is a young academy, so the student to teacher ratio is amazing, and it provides a great training environment.

I'll explain my ratings:

Aliveness: 10

It's Jiu-Jitsu guys. This should be pretty obvious. In addition to rolling in the Gi, on Saturday there is open mat, and on Wednesdays there is no-gi and full MMA sparring.

Equipment: 8

Everything is brand new and in great shape. There is good mat space, a nice heavy bag, and lots of head gear, boxing gloves, and oversized MMA gloves for hard sparring without injuries. Only reason I bumped this down was so you all would not complain about the lack of a ring or cage.

Gym Size: 7

I have no problem with the size- the mats are never crowded. But compared to American Top Team or some of those huge schools, it's not gigantic. It's a nice set up however and gets the job done.

Instructor/Student Ratio: 10

It may not be good for the long term health of the school, but there is often a phenomenal instructor to student ratio. I've had classes where it was basically two purple belt instructors and me, or four students and Wander Braga. In the advance classes, on average, there is probably about four whitebelts, a blue belt or two, then a purple belt, then a Brown Belt or Black Belt teaching.

Atmosphere: 10

Everyone is incredibly friendly. The instructors are good guys. There are no egos on the mats, and everyone has a good time while working hard.

Striking Instruction: 4

The number looks low, but I won't pretend that Gauntlet is about striking. The only striking is during MMA training on Wednesday when a KOTC veteran and BJJ purple belt with years of boxing and kick boxing experience will show you a few things then put on gloves and beat you up. It's fun, but not likely to turn you into the next CroCop.

Grappling Instruction: 10

I would give it an 11 here if I could. The grappling instruction is just on another level.

Chad Coco is a purple belt that helps teach the gi-classes. He's a really nice guy and a patient teacher who gives you lots of hands on assistance.

Rudy, the purple belt who teaches the no-gi classes I mentioned before, is a great teacher. He has lots of nasty no-gi and MMA tricks that I'd never seen before.

Marc Burns, a fourth degree brown belt, teaches many of the gi classes. He does not look like an athelete, and the reason he is so dangerous on the mat is 100% because of his great technique, which is very talented at passing on.

Wander Braga, 3rd degree black belt and head instructor, is the best Jiu-Jitsu player I have ever seen. He has been doing Jiu-Jitsu longer than I have been alive, and has had his black belt for almost ten years now. He's not just amazing on the mats but is a phenomenal teacher. He breaks down each technique step by step and is able to highlight whatever small details are important. In the small period of time I have trained under him, my game has improved leaps and bounds.