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    Has anyone tried Precision Nutrition?

    And did it work? I've read the macronutrition seperation is a flawed concept, plus John Berardi seems cloesly accociated with Biotest and T-Nation...
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    I bought the 2.0 version last week. Does it "work"? well, it's not a 'diet' plan really, it's a manual for learning how to eat for your personal goals. I ate 'ok' before, but now am more closely following his guidelines although it's far too soon to tell anything.

    I don't consider the t-nation or the biotest a big deal. PN didn't mention any brand names that I saw and is pretty consistent with the "eat whole foods, you don't really need supplements" message.

    I don't understand the "macro nutrient separation" comment. He says go easy on carbs until post-workout (for some people), but there's no separation - every recipe has protein, fat, and carbs.

    Still, if you read his site and the PN forums (free registration, a bit over the top with the email updates), you can get ~95% of what's in the book for free. Mostly you'll miss out on the recipes - and if you tried any of the free desert recipes, you know you don't want that.

    Bottom line: I spent ~$100 on PN and I feel I got my monies worth.
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