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    BJJ reference material

    I had a bit of a browse through this forum but couldn't find a relevant thread.

    I've been out of martial arts for just under two years and I'm keen to start up some BJJ classes but I'm lacking a little in motivation. I got bored with the old kung fu (punching an imaginary spot in the air in front of me) I'm keen to get my hands on some quality resource material (books or dvds) relating to BJJ to spark my interest and help motivate myself to put that beer down and get down to class. Anybody have any recommendations - I will be starting Machado BJJ, do they have a series of books?

    cheers Greg

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    A good strating point would have to be Renzo Gracie's and John Danaher's Mastering Jujitsu, especially for beginners. Covers everything from BJJ's origins to the three ranges of combat to the basics of grappling, broken down into easy to digest chunks without a lot of jargon. Eddie Bravo's books (Jiu Jitsu Unleashed and Mastering the Rubber Guard) might be of interest as well but of marginal utility given that some rubber guard stuff doesn't mesh well with wearing a gi.

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    Rigan Machado has his Encyclopedia of BJJ, and Jean Jacques has several books (BJJ Championship Techniques, BJJ Black Belt Techniques) as well. I've flipped through the books, most of them seem fine, but I tend to like the ones put out by Invisible Cities Press a little more.

    The Renzo/Royler BJJ Techniques and Theory is decent for a beginner book, as is the aforementioned Mastering JJ.


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