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    $100 for 2 classes a week seems a little high, also the link that you posted above doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunken Bear
    $100 for 2 classes a week seems a little high, also the link that you posted above doesn't work.
    Lessons are essentially private, but I agree. The website's been down for a while, I honestly can't say why.

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    I trained at this school a few years back for about ten months, so my experience may be a little out dated.

    Let me start by saying I liked Sifu Danielsí character. He seemed like a genuinely nice person, and I didnít detect any ego problems like I have with some other martial arts teachers.

    Though, there were a few problems with the school that eventually led to me discontinuing my training there.

    One of the biggest annoyances I found was at the time the age groups werenít segregated at all. The adults were training with a bunch of Jr. High School aged students. These younger students goofed of a lot, which I found distracting. At other schools Iíve trained at, this would have been swiftly taken care of with about a hundred push-ups or just kicking the culprits out of the class. For some reason this behavior was tolerated. On several occasions a few of the younger students even lead the warm ups; which was a big joke.

    Itís true that Sifu Daniels did provide one-on-one training for forms. Warm ups were done as a group and then Mr. Daniels would go from person to person teaching them parts to their form. The only problem was that it was very common for people to just stand around while they were waiting for their one-on-one instruction with him. The atmosphere was very undisciplined. It was common for people to do nothing (but talk) while they waited for their lesson, learn the next few moves in their form, and then go home. He would usually spend roughly ten minutes or so per person.

    The one-on-one instruction is okay, but I just felt that there could have been a more disciplined atmosphere. The responsibility for creating that atmosphere should start with the teacher. Sometimes I was literally the only person practicing while waiting for him to get to me. I also felt more group training could have put the time to better use and maybe discouraged people from just standing around.

    As for the question of whether the school participates in competitions, tournaments, etc; the answer to that would be a big fat NO! I never heard any talk at all of participation in any sort of competition. The whole time I was there, we only sparred once in class. To be honest, not participating in tournaments didnít bother me, but I would liked to have seen more in school sparring practice. And, Iím sorry to say, but that one time we did practice sparring, it was lame.

    When I was there, at least 80% of the training was in forms. You would learn one form and go right into the next form. There was some application taught, but I felt it was kind of just brushed over. I often felt like I was just learning empty movement. I saw some people just burn through the forms in a very short amount of time. As the first post says, drilling was on set days. At the time, if I recall correctly, I think it was like one week out of the month, or something. Other than that there wasnít much drilling at all. But, with out drilling, in depth explanation and practice of application to the forms, and sparring, what was I really learning? FormsÖ

    Maybe Iím just picky and hopefully some of this has changed by now. Of course, there are a lot worse places to train. The sad thing was that I saw potential in the school. With a little bit more disciplined atmosphere and a little wiser use of class time it could have been a decent place to train. Unfortunately, for me, time is precious and I just wasnít getting enough out of it to justify continuing my training there. There were days I went there and just felt like I was wasting my time. I suppose the reason I stuck with it as long as I did was just because I like Sifu Wing Lamís style.

    Iím not saying any of this with the intention of being insulting. Iím just being honest.
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