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    After the fight we were all standing around wondering if you were OK. John told us what happened and that totally sucks since you were actually dominating the fight up until then. At least you're not injured, my wife was almost in tears. In addition these new rules leave a lot to be desired, mainly the standing 10 count.

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    I saw the fight...

    First Round- "Asia the invincible" wins because of ground control and aggressiveness.

    Second Round- Good ground action Asia again the aggressor until they are on there feet. Asia's opponent is clearly dominating the stand up game, and barely wins the second round.

    Third Round- Asia trying desperately to run at his opponent and grab him but is eating punches and kicks from every angle. Finally "Asia the Invincible" is dropped with a round kick to the abdomen, and is given a 10 count. Asia does not make the count. Sorry, but I think the new rules did Asia a favor by giving you a him count. If it were the pro rules Asia's opponent would have pounded him unmercifully.

    Asia may have won if he was better conditioned and knew how to strike.
    Just a fans observation.

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    Pretty spot on. I actually should have used strikes more but I knew he was better in that department and didn't want to trade blows with him. The punches didn't hurt it was his kicks I was worried about and for good reason.
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    I can vouch for his kicks too. He's got wicked ability with those. The guy he fought before asia went down in the first minute to a vicious headkick.

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