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    Professor Jorgensens Kempo Karate in Las Vegas, NV

    I searched the forums a couple of times but couldn't find any other info about this, so i thought this might be an appropriate thread to start.


    A controversial martial artist from Sweden has migrated to Las Vegas.

    He calls it Goshin-ryu Kempo in Sweden, but for marketing purposes it is known as Professor Jorgensen's Kempo Karate in the US.

    Jorgen Jorgensen is the founder of the art and has a total of 46dan. The highest beeing 8dan in his own martial art Goshin-ryu Kempo. He has new titles every now and then, like Renshi or shihan and this time it's Kyoshi and Professor.

    I dont have time to write more now, but i'll give you guys more info later today.

    Until then, has this guy been discussed on these forums before?
    What are your opinions based on the website?


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    Do a search on Kenpo/Kempo; it's not a particularly well regarded style by Bullies. That a Kenpoka might suck is not exactly big news.

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    Wait what? He's got 46 dans?

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    I can't find a location for this guy on his sight. If I find it, I'll go pay him a visit and report back what I find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whorian Gracie
    "Professor Jorgensen's Kempo Karate has no less than NINE WORLD CHAMPIONS, amongst
    those You'll see Master Karolina B. Olofsson, 4 Dan (Double World Champion 2005)." - from the above website

    is a picture of badassery like no other.
    http://www.kempo.nu/us/niclas.htm Rwar. This is obviously the most dangerous and fearsome.... twelve year old? I've ever seen.:qleft2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalRage
    Wait what? He's got 46 dans?
    yupp, here is his "cv". This was on his website before, but he shortend it down.
    Some of it is swedish, but i think you get the bs idea here:

    8 Dan Kempo
    8 Dan American Taiho-Jitsu
    6 Dan Karate
    5 Dan GRK Kobujutsu
    3 Dan Bulgarian Kempo
    2 Dan Hapkido
    7 Dan, Shihan i Chinese Kenpo Karate (PCKS Int'l)
    Honorary 7 Dan, Grandmaster i Agni Kempo (GM Yuriy Kostrov)

    2:a WMAS World Cup 2003 (Team Freestyle Forms)

    Stilchef och grundare av Goshin-Ryu Kempo
    President Kempo International
    President Sweden Taiho-Jitsu Federation
    Representant Bulgarian Kempo
    Teknisk rådgivare United Martial Arts Alliance
    Skandinavisk repr. Korea Hwal Moo Hapkido
    Skandinavisk representant för O.C.T (Officer Conflict Training)
    Senior Advisor & Svensk rep. för North American Masters Council
    Svensk Rep. N.E.K.I.C.K.
    Svensk Rep. PCKS International
    Senior Advisor åt
    Tamashii-Ryu Kempo Karate & Kobudo Federation
    International Martial Arts Society Caribbean
    Reiki Master

    "Outstanding Achievements by a GrandMaster"
    Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame 2007
    Medal of Honor for Courage (1st degree) ICMAUA 2006
    Medal of Honor & Bravery Bulgarian Kempo 2005
    "Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts Award"
    Hawaii Martial Arts Int'l Society Hall of Fame 2005
    "International Master of the Year 2005"
    Nigerian Martial Arts Academy Millenium Awards
    "Master of the Year" Hawaii Martial Arts Int'l Society Hall of Fame 2003
    "Instructor Award 2001" World Martial Arts Society, WMAS

    Quote Originally Posted by kenpostudent
    I can't find a location for this guy on his sight. If I find it, I'll go pay him a visit and report back what I find.
    I don't know, but i guess you have to email him and ask
    Goshin-Ryu Kempo Headquarter

    Email: [email protected]


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    Ok here is some more info about the self proclaimed Professor:

    I trained this bullshido/mcdojo art for 2-3 years. Took me about a month to realize it was bullshido, but I stayed because of the excercise and the friends I had there. Plus some of the moves were cool looking and flashy. Wich was fun, actually. :)

    The problem is that he tells people that it's a practical and effective form of self defence.

    Wich it is definately not.

    Sometimes in Swedish internet forums he even says that it's "among the most effective forms of selfdefence there is".
    When someone asks for videos of the sparring he just replies " Come to us and see for yourself".

    Well.. I HAVE seen it for myself, for 2-3 years. And there is no sparring, no aliveness whatsoever except for when they do newaza. Wich is not very often. Once a month maybe.

    One time when I had the orange belt (same belts as in judo), two new people joined the club. Two months later they had the BROWN belt! And suddenly they were instructing me. They were ofcourse very poor instructors, and had obviously no previous martialarts experience at all.
    It was like having two randomly picked people from the street trying to teach somebody an "effective form of selfdefence". :bssign:

    So thats about the time I got pissed of and quit for good.

    This was like 6 years ago but it would be awesome to hear your opinions, like if someone visited the Las Vegas school and wrote about it :)



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