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Thread: Appendectomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabwyo
    The shitting himself part was a bit over the top but good analogy anyways..........

    And on that note, WTF was wrong with your roomie??? Crapping oneself isn't usually accomplished by simply passing out. Did he have the trotskies or what not?? You don't usually loose control of your sphincter until death when the entire body relaxes (or until your old and have to wear depends on the golf course or after years of extreme anal pleasures and your corn hole looks like a baboons ass on bad meth)
    He had a small ulcer right where the small intenstine meets the stomach. According to the doctors, because it was at the joint between the two, it never would close the way an ulcer in the stomach eventually will (albeit in a very painful still kind of open wound way). Over the course of anywhere from a few weeks to a few months he bled very small amounts repeatedly, probably after everytime he ate and his stomach moved the food to his intenstine. The blood would just get passed with it. Eventually, the wound opened just enough that he stopped being able to produce enough blood to keep up (again just barely), and over the course of a few hours to a week he lost between 4 and 5 pints of blood.

    He had started feeling tired over the prior few days, but he had been working a lot and it was at the tail end of flu season, so it didn't seem unusual. One morning he got up for work, and passed out twice in the shower. He was so low on blood at that point his entire system started to behave erratically because he had lost so much blood that he barely had enough to pump and keep his brain alive. He passed out in the shower, at least twice, and let loose his bowels and almost died. I heard him fall through the shower doors, and got him to get up, wash up some and come out.

    Then I took him to the emergency room. Other craziness ensued there (not a bad hospital, its just he was literally on the verge of death, and they didn't yet know what was happening because his only external symptom was lethargy and an extremely pale complexion).

    They said small internal ulcers and tears are in some ways worse than large ones. Large ones usually come from some sort of trauma, and either the trauma or the internal damage or the pain from them is so extreme its instantly identified as requiring a hospital visit. Small tears can bleed for very long periods of time and can create only minor discomfort or even no noticeable sensation (like in my room mate). Eventually the body stops producing enough blood to keep up with the loss of it.

    That's why you shouldn't push it on training after any sort of internal surgery. Heal first.

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    Seriously sound like my situation with stomach cancer. Only the activity processing food is actually doing you a favor. It's when the pain gets too great that you stop eating that really speeds up the stituation. I got to the point that I couldn't eat w/o tossin cookies or having the shits in less than an hour. I just flat out didn't eat and the doc said that was the worst thing to do because it kicked my tumor w/ it's buddy the, gastric ulcer, into overtime and I nearly bled out as well. But I am happy to say I never **** myself.
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    When it comes to the appendix, I would obey my doc to the letter. A kempo instructor I briefly trained under many eons ago had a complication (don't remember if it was pre-op, or post op). Anyways, just to give an idea of how fucked up it was, the surgeons had to put him on a block of ice to bring his temperature down during the operation.

    Soooooo... be safe and get enough rest anytime a doc cuts a hole in your gut to dig stuff out :tongue3:
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