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    Hello Bullshido Community.

    Hi from Cleveland,

    New here but not new to MA. Though I haven't set foot in a school for about 6-7 yrs. Looking to get back into something, possibly Jiu-jitsu or some type of grappling/wrestling as I have never studied this area before.
    Started out in TKD as a youth, moved to Kung-Fu/Taichi from there. Then Kali/Silat/JKD and a little WC. This looks like a place where I could learn alot. Thanks.

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    welcome. you should enjoy any grappling style. they are all pretty fun.

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    Judo, BJJ
    Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, club wrestling.....the danniboi approves of them all

    and welcome to Bullshido!
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