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    As I learned from CMAers on these forums (I made the noob mistake of saying that all kung fu sucked), it's not the art/style but the way you train.

    The different rather ineffective 'forms' and 'techniques' can be found in the majority of ke?po schools and dojos.

    HOWEVER, it doesn't mean that every single school focuses entirely on the 'techniques' of kenpo. As I stated in another thread, the only two legit Tracy Kenpo schools in Michigan train in an alive manner... One even has an amateur MMA team (the other one is too small for anything like that).

    Also, as I pointed out in the "Kenpo Home Study" thread, Hawaiian Kempo and Kajukenbo pretty much destroys Christian's idiot argument of "all kenpo being trash," as he put it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomamao
    "I walk over to give him a piece of my mind."

    This guy just SLAMMED your girl into the pavement, and you are still in a talking mood?

    I might've done some vary serious things that go way past punching and kicking if I saw that happen to my girl. I commend you on your patience.

    yeah i woulda probably ended up breaking his nose. i hate it when guys hit girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by KempoFist
    The very idea of trying to train to fight off a knife wielding attacker bare-handed just isn't sensible if you ask me.
    I'd agree that it's not a good idea to try to disarm someone bare handed if you can avoid it, It's just plain stupid to try if you have alternatives, but I was in a few situations where I had no choice and I was very glad I had some training in it. The worst was two gangbanger asshole trying to mug me over $5.00 on my way home from working at a club in LA. I got 8 stitches, two time looser gangbanger got castrated and life for strike #3. I had nowhere to go and he cut me, so I figured I had nothing to loose.

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