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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldWarCheese
    And is this guy a known troll or something? I think I've seen his name before...
    Could it be possible he was the guy in the youtube clips?

    Anyway, liekuei is teh deadly...

    ...look how quickly he killed his credibility

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    Quote Originally Posted by liekuei
    thank you for a perfect example of the idiocy im trying to educate against. instead of trying to understand what im saying(which it is clear that you don't) you assume the worst about someone you've never talked to or met in any situation.
    I didn't assume anything and I understood what you were asserting.

    It was pretty clear that my comments were rhetorical and were not directed at you, but if the shoe fits...

    my "warrior spirit" as you have mentioned doesn't even come with me to the internet seeing as how this is of course the internet and it really shouldn't involve anyone's emotions or personal life.
    I hope you have the good sense to put your WS in a trapper-keeper for your internet excursions in order to keep it fresh and wrinkle free.

    if i thought many of you to be representative of where you learn your "art," i would have to assume that these days are the begining of the end for japanese martial arts.
    Pretty soon there will be no more real live ninjas or samurai.

    besides if i had been stupid enough to attempt to learn martial arts from tapes or videos i'd have no "warrior spirit" or self-control(you know that thing that gives you the ability to restrain from engaging your heart into something meaningless like... i don't know... boasting about yourself and trying to be the best at something stupid... like maybe... squabling on the internet)
    Did you just tell on yourself? I'm not quite sure.
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