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    Tinguinha BJJ Academy

    after having been there for longer than a couple of months, and having taken the advanced classes, i've decided to revise this review.

    3rd degree BJJ black belt Mauricio "Tinguinha" (Teen-gee-nah or Teeng-hee-nah or Tee-hee-nah) Mariano is my teacher. it's a very family friendly environment. alot of us have kids (some are students there), Tinguinha's daughter and wife are there often... it's just a very wholesome environment to train in. that being said, the training is very rigorous.

    here is the schedule:

    as you can see... it's VERY hard to miss a day. if you take it upon yourself to take a trial class, you have to call the school and schedule an appointment, as it's one on one with Mauricio.

    as for the prices... i'll start with the kids and work my way up.

    kids 4-14 = $80/mo for 2 one hr classes a week. it's a Little Dragons jiu-jitsu program... but i don't know what they're taught, so i won't go into that.

    women = $100/mo for 3 one hr classes a week. $115 for unlimited classes/month.

    men = $115/mo for 2 one hr classes a week. $150 for unlimited classes/month.

    like with most schools... you get a discount when more people sign up. if it's 2 people... the first guy pays full price and the 2nd guy gets $20 off. if it's 3 people... the first guy pays full price, 2nd guy gets $10 off... and the 3rd gets $20 off. that's all i remember--i'm sure there's a bigger discount for larger parties to train, but you'll have to go to the school and talk to Livia (that's Mrs. Tinguinha) about it.

    now... onto my ratings....


    i gave it a 10. the warm up is pretty standard--as a class, you run around, you shrimp, you do some calisthenics, stretch, and then do takedown drills. after that, it's technique and then you roll. if you're in the beginner's class, you roll for position, starting in a shitty position, or trying to maintain a good position. if you're in the advanced class, you start on your knees and free roll. both the beginners and advanced rolling is done with full resistance... and if you request it from your partner, full force.


    i'm revising it to a 9. they have a gi you can borrow... which, in principal is nasty as hell (the gi itself is actually pretty clean)... but if you want your own, you can buy one. they sell pretty decent gis from Torah for a good price ($115, last i checked). for the no-gi class, as long as you're wearing a shirt and have your ass covered by something other than underwear, you're cool. again, if you don't have those things, you can buy them at the school--you really can't use the "i'm not properly dressed" excuse at my school.


    i gave it a 7 and am keeping it there. it's not as big as say... your average TKD dojang... but it's a good enough size for what we do. the mats are always clean, the bathroom is always clean, the school is always clean. we ain'ts ghettoz.


    i'm updating it from 9 to 10. it used to be Mauricio taught all the classes (and he's still there providing instruction 95% of the time), but when i first reviewed this school, Mauricio would provide the instruction, and if you need help while he's helping another student, someone of a higher belt would help you out/give pointers/guide. now, the school has more staff members who, not surprisingly, were the ones giving the pointers in the classes. if you show up to almost any class, you'll most likely find yourself training alongside at least one of the instructors there.


    it's the friendliest place i've ever studied at EVER. i'm talking EVER and i've studied dance with the most soft spoken girliest of girls. everybody is so nice, they're gung ho about grappling, and they're all very easy to get along with. i'm the only girl (apart from the Little Dragons program) studying at Tinguinha BJJ Academy that i know of... and all anyone ever did was make me feel welcome there. we're like one big happy family.


    i gave it a 10 and i'm keeping it at 10. i don't think that there is a better place to get instruction. everything is broken down step by step, there's usually an added variation if you're not physically capable (legs/arms too bulky/short to position this/that here/there or you're not flexible enough to get this/that to do that/this, etc.,) or not comfortable with doing that particular technique, and you'll work what you learn until it becomes natural to you.

    i hope you enjoyed my review... and if you decide to take a class... tell them that Rita sent you. :)
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