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    Quote Originally Posted by kwoww
    K-1 is kickboxing, so they stay on their feet. I think takedowns are allowed, but the ref will make them reset when one of them hits the canvas.
    Takedowns aren't allowed.

    Sapp simply charged headlong into Aerts trying to knock him off balance or push him to the ropes. Sapp always does it and get's away with it cause he's drawn so much money for K-1.

    Frankly I'm glad to see him go. Get back to legitimate fight sport instead of the circus it became after Sapp joined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex
    heavyweights, super heavy weights, whatever. the gradual erosion of any kind of decent ruleset in k-1, the bullshit match making, the horde of freaks that make up most of the roster, the horrific judging and reffing... unfortunately these same things affect the max division but at least the fighters in max are almost all quality fighters who put on an exciting fight. the ability of max fighters is a much higher level than the heavyweight division.

    Having said that events like the S-1 are even better than max.
    Whatever? The difference between super heavyweights and heavyweights is as big as between max and superheavyweights. Have you followed K-1 recently, at least after the creation of both weight classes? You might not give a flying **** about weight classes above max's one, but it is important.

    The super HW weight class is where you will see your occasional freak, heavyweight is where most of the elite is. You won't see any freaks there because freaks aren't normally under 100 kgs. Fighters like Karaev, Badr Hari or Manhoef are truely beasts, they've got the strength of a heavyweight and lighting fast speed.

    The fights I've seen recently in that new division made me want to watch K-1 again, because frankly, I wasn't too much of a fan of K-1 either because of most of the reasons you listed.

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