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    Yeah. That's why I always stand up for my old Krav school. They didn't focus on paranoia or fear. you trained how to fight so on the off chance you couldn't run away, then at least you could put a hurtin' on someone. I think the fact that we had alot of law enforcement students and instructors helped keep a balanced attitude.

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    great post cyrijl. i liked the analogy. when i was a kid, i was tiny and used to get picked on a fair amount. rather than dealing with it, i just skinned my head, listened to death metal and tried to look mean. in reality i was just a bald ***** with a headache. or a little barking daschund.

    the look changed, but the overall attitude really didn't until recently when i started taking bjj. i used to be a chunner, all paranoid and wondering if i could actually fight (no hard sparring so who knows?).

    thornton is right on the mark when he says that rbsd can keep you locked in that paranoid pattern.

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