Takedown and Throw Seminar with Chris Haueter

At the South Bay Budokan
October 19th
We will be having a 1-day takedown and throw seminar with our BJJ instructor Chris Haueter on Sunday, October 19 2003.
  • The seminar will cover the following:
  • Basic mechanics of easily applicable takedowns and throws.
    Such as double and single leg, Uchimata, and hips throws
  • Setting up these throws and how to 'open one door when another closes'.
  • Integrating these throws into your game.
  • Drilling them alive.

The cost will be $75 for the 5-hour seminar

Call For details contact David Dow.
ph: 310-366-7575
e-mail: [email protected]
Order online before Oct. 17, 2003**