We have been in business at the same location for about ten years now. I have learned much about myself and martial arts in general since then. Though I teach TKD, I am always seeking out masters from other arts to augment my personal self-defense skills. I often have guest instructors from other styles come in and give a class. I think it is very important that all students learn that martial arts does not start or end with TKD. My annual tournament is now billed as a MMA tourney. As of now we only have submission fighting for those not in TKD, though it is my aim to bring in another event that all MA practioners can participate in.

I often hear that martial arts is not for everybody. I adamantly disagree. Since I am a traditional MA I realize the fighting aspects of martial arts, though primary, is only a small part of what martial arts training can do for people. But I take on all comers. My oldest student is 76. I have students in wheelchairs, (remember I teach them free) but I try to realize each individual's goals and then strive to help them surpass those goals.

We have the best facilities I have seen in central Illinois, the lowest rates and a very structured class. The atmosphere is serious but fun. I have not been there of late, (family matters) but in my abscence my wife is practicly my equal.

Many people do not understand martial arts and especially TKD. Many think that TKD is for sport only. Once again, I disagree. There are many TKD techniques that can be streamlined to address actual street fighting. More so however, I teach practical self-defense. I call it practical beause I grew up a white kid in an all black city. I learned long ago that sometimes running is an appropriate respnse to a threat. I give special classes for children that involve "Stranger danger", dog attacks, bullies and even home invasions, as well as internet safety.
I also teach ladies self-defense in the public when asked to.
I teach about the psychological aspects of fighting or more correctly, defending oneself.

I love MMA's , the UFC, IFL, and any other MMA matches aI get to watch. BUT I DO NOT TRAIN ANYONE WISHING TO GET TO THE UFC LEVEL! Instead I just point them in that direction and then it is up to them. I train people to defend themselves against non-martial artists. The reason I do that is because it has been my experience that 99% of the people I know in the arts would never fight on the street for any other reason than to protect themselves or someone else. Many (especially beginners) argue over which art is the best. I say they are all the best but that no "one" art (perhaps kajikembo?) covers all ranges of fighting effectively.