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    Quote Originally Posted by Errant108
    So does this mean you're actually gonna come out with me & Maverick next time I invite you?
    Sure, transportation and work providing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Errant108
    ?????, ??-??.

    So the ??? tell me....


    What I am telling you is the Dangsudo/Gongsudo/Taegwondo are not a Korean martial art in origin, but rather a Korean expression of an art that exists in several different cultures.

    The truth is never as black and white as we would like it to be.



    Several members of this forum know a great deal about Korea, and likely more than you.

    More to the point, the majority of this forum DOESN'T CARE ABOUT KOREA.

    All they have to do is look at foot slappy sparring in the WTF, the overabundance of McDojos , the 12 year old black belts, and the bullshit 2000 year history of post-Occupation KMA, and know that there is a large Bullshido factor when it comes to the Korean martial arts. Knowledge of Korean culture is not necessary to come to this conclusion, and frankly, given all the evidence, there is little reason why the majority of the members of this forum should even care about Korean martial arts at all.

    A true, proud Korean is ashamed of what his countrymen have done to his martial arts.

    Why should they care?

    Give me a few reasons.

    When Korean martial arts leaders and practitioners engage in their martial practice with authenticity and integrity, then they are respected.

    And many of them are just as full of Bullshido as TKD.

    TKD is good for what?

    And what kind of TKD?

    Beat them at what?

    A street fight?

    An MMA match?

    An Olympic rules match?

    This just shows me you know less about Okinawan karate than you do Korean martial arts.

    I've met Darkson.

    You, sir, are definitely not Darkson.
    Do you people know how to fucking read? I think I've made it clear I'm ashamed of what's happened to the postoccupation KMA which is why I'm trying to dig up more information about the preoccupation KMA as well as try to learn more about non-bullshido post occ. KMA like GK Yusul and Kwon Gyuk Do.



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