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Yes that is the version the Russians popularized in Kyokushin. Unfortunately those guys aren't doing a very good job. :) The traditionalists in Kyokushin hated it because the Russians KOed everyone that year. The thing is Kyokushin rules allow you to fall down after a kick. They just restart standing. No one had thought to fall down on purpose so they could protect themselves from a risky kick.

You can do another version that doesn;t make you fall down. I used to do it after a missed round kick sometimes. A lot of peole fire a side kick from the missed roundkick position but a reverse round kick is a little flashier and has KO power to the head.

I was trying to find a source beside myself but I do it in this video at 0:40 and miss then again at 2:10 and land it.
Just got a chance to watch this Whiteshark, and I must say, I love the way you keep him off of his feet. Looked good.

I had seen the kick, and even been taught it, but never heard it called that. If I am nto mistaken, I ahve seen some MT fighters use it. I will try to dig it up.