Just what it sounds like. Climb a tower, get hooked to a zipline, get released, go flying 150 yards like Peter Pan, engage targets on ground with handgun.

This is just too cool. For those who don't know, 3-gun is competitive shooting using movement, cover, etc with handgun/rifle/shotgun. The MGM Ironman is, as the name suggests, is a comp that emphasizes never quitting. My friend Larry Correia of Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns competed this year and described having to yell at his teammates to throw him a gun to finish the stage after an Ar-15 and a Saiga shotgun both puked on the same stage. Awesome.

My advice is to let it load, then move the slider to about 1:55. There's a lot of setup time in this video before that where nothing really happens, but it does a good job of following him. Larry did this comp, but he says he sucked. This video is not him.