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    All right here goes. I want to gain strength through weight training, but I am not sure about what exactly I should do. I included questions next to their section. This is what I have:

    I think a short workout, 5-days a week will fit my schedule. The days are, in no particular order:

    Squat 3 sets, 5 reps.
    Leg curl 3x5.
    I need a third exercise--would lunges or a calf exercise be best?

    Deadlift(is bent or straight leg best?) 3x5.
    Abs and obliques--I have no exercises for these in mind. I have been doing kneeling crunches on a cable machine and side bends for these. SHould I keep using these? Also, should I do low or high reps on my abs?

    Upper Torso
    Bench Press 3x5--I think I am going to use dumbbells for this instead of the usual bar. Is this a good idea?
    Bent over rows 3x5
    I would like another exercise here, maybe shrugs or incline bench. Opinions?

    Barbell curls 3x8
    Skullcrushers 3x8
    Grip-farmers walk--what is the best way to do this?
    I'm pretty happy with this day.

    Military press 3x8
    Upright rows 3x8
    T-bone rows 3x8

    That is what I have. I might order them Upper torso, legs, arms, core, shoulders for example. Any suggestions or opinions will be very appreciated. If I am unclear, just ask. Thanks for any help.

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    If you want to build strength, do barbell bench press, not dumbells. Do regular deadlifts, not stiff legged, and do squats.

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    Why do you need a 3 exercise on leg day ?
    If your squatting heavy weight, that should be enough.
    If you just have to have a 3rd one, either one is okay, or you could alternate between the two

    The regular Deadlift is a better 'all over' exercise. The stiff legged deadlift focuses more on the hamstrings and lower back in comparison to the regular version. Which version you pick will depend on exactly why you are doing it.

    Ab exercises
    Should you do high or low reps.
    If you are trying to build limit strength then do low rep.
    If you are trying to build muscular endurance, do extremely high reps.


    You can use dumbells or barbells, it doesn't matter. Using a barbell means you don't have to steady it as much and can generally lift more weight.
    I'd add chin ups to your 'upper torso' day.

    Whats the best way to do the Farmers Walk ?

    Pick up heavy dumbells and walk with them for a specified time. I'm not sure how better to explain it - make sure to keep good posture.

    Personally I'd take upright row out of your shoulder exercises. It puts the shoulder in an unnatural position and can cause damage - then again, it may be fine for you.
    Your choice.
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    Check out a book called 'Power Factor Training'. It's a real good book for those focused SOLELY on gaining strength.

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    FoM? The third leg exercise is an attempt to make sure that all parts of my leg get worked out. I looked at lunges again and no, I don't need them because they're primarily quad exercises. I'm mostly looking to make sure I get my calves and glutes too. If squats get these well, then no, I don't need another exercise.
    For the farmers walk, do I need to do sets or just 1 time?
    Should I replace upright rows with something?

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    good luck

    Stay in your center.
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    Also, check out a book called "Jumping into Plyometrics". It will teach how to gain explosive power, using specific plyometric excercises.

    Isometrics is also a good thing to look into. You can practice them all the time wihtout getting very tired, and you need no epuipment for many of the excercises.

    Also, try working out every other day of the week. Use your resting days for applied fitness training. Jump rope for rythm, cardio (running is the shat). It wis also effective not to dedicate days, like "leg day" or "back day". Mix them up for a different full body routine for each day of the week. This way, your muscles (ie.legs) wont wait a week till the next workout, your muscles learn to work in concert, and it improves full body physical efficiency. Blood pumping everywhere, blah blah blah. Just suggestions, works real good for me.


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