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    Knee Brace

    I understand your frustration with the torn ACL, although when mine gives out I seem to be able to get back at it within a day or so. My specialist recommended the ACL brace, but they are very costly and not usable in karate.

    I use the typical store bought braces and whether it is pshycological or not, they do seem to help somewhat. At the very least, they remind me to watch how I utilize my knee. Moreover, I went to physio for 3 months and learned lots of exercises to strengthen my knee. (Hamstring curls and a mini trampoline are fantastic.) Finally, I adapted the way I move my knee to limit trouble. To be specific, I can kick to the cows come home, do thrusters, sit in shiko dachi forever and all other karate basics without issue. My acl usually bothers me when I am getting up after being thrown to the floor during bunkai or kumite. Sometimes it even gives out when I am getting in or out of bed. My specialist pointed out that it gives out at this time because your other stabilizing muscles are relaxed and not supporting it. In that split second of relaxing your leg muscles before rising up, my knee gives out. Therefore, by adjusting my leg position and wearing the foam brace, I seem to be able to work around it.

    Still, I would love to find a brace without the metal that I could easily use under my gi. At the end of the day, I think the metal worry of your leg giving out is the real issue to overcome. I hate it when it happend and it is majorly frustrating, but I am going to get back up and go for it again.

    Best of luck in your training.

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    I have permanent tendonitis in my knee. At least that's what the Army doctor told me 5 years ago.

    I'll notice that after running (this is why I can't run anymore, but can still jog) my knee will just "give out"... I'll lose feeling and just flop over. It sucks. I bought the strongest knee brace you can get without metal and it really helped. I could go back to work lifting heavy crap (I worked as a truck unloader for a long time, now I'm a waiter heh).

    I'm doing my university's Judo class in the fall and this thread actually has me a little worried now :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by NasalInfection View Post
    I was wondering what the best type/brand of knee braces exist out there that could be worn safely (and legally) in Judo practice and competition.
    By the book, nothing containing hard material (such as metal or plastic) is legal in Judo competition.
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    Same here. About 10 years ago a whitebelt did an alligator roll with my foot tucked in his armpit. This tore the tendons that hold my knee together. My knee fails when I put lateral pressure on it, like side-stepping. I fall to the floor, grinding my teeth in pain. It's sudden, intense, and embarassing.

    I believe the neoprene compression knee sleeves help prevent my knee from jumping out of socket. The last three times my knee failed, I was not wearning the sleeves. The problem has never occured when I was wearning them.

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    the same thing is here.. my right knee gives out on me pretty often, especially when i do a jump to my right or any pivoting motion.
    but when i wear the knee brace it holds up ok.. i still feel pain but at least it does not pop out.

    i wear it every time during the judo practice sessions/randory.. walmart brand work pretty good, just like any any other higher brands..
    i also wear a knee pad over the top to make it safer

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    Rusavolk get your acl checked out. It sounds like it could be gone or in really bad shape.

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