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    I use Cyto's Muscle Milk post workout. I don't know about gaining muscle, but for me there's obvious difference in the amount and length of time I'm sore. I use a blender and have no problem with clumping.
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    20 oz of filtered well water, two scoops (from Muscle Milk container) of dehydrated (powdered) milk, two scoops of Muscle Milk Chocolate, Xtend recovery powder by Scivation, and ElastiJoint (MSM, Glucosamine\Chondroitin by Labrada all the same shaker. has the best prices around here, plus lots of info on each suppliment.

    I drink 1/2 before lifting, then 1/2 after lifting. Drink the whole thing after running. Oh and I put about 3 or4 ice cubes in the shaker to help cool and mix it up. I like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equipoise
    I can't drink that **** anymore. It never blends correctly and makes me want to vomit from the texture (reminds me of Oysters..) It's just revolting. I let the gym blend a drink for me and it's much more palatable. It costs about 15$ more a month for them versus myself making it. I figure it's worth it.
    Word. Orange juice doesn't mix/taste well at all with protein shakes. Yuck, yuck, fucking yuck.

    My favorite protein RTD are EAS Myoplex RTD, Micell Edge, New Whey (the tinie tiny protein shots) and MuscleMilk.

    For mixing with stuff, I like Nature Best's Isopure (strawberry). I mix it with a banana and either water, gatorade or skim/soy milk. It mixes rather well and it tastes good (meaning, not like liquified, clumpy **** with sugar.)
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    t-nation - Dissecting the deadlift. Anatomy and Muscle Balancing Videos.

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    I've been taking power bars, etc. I'd rather eat rubber than drink ectoplasm.

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