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    Christopher N. Geary for president. Sound Scary? It should. Unfortunately Geary's delusions of grandeur could come to fruition. According to his website Geary will be running for the Nebraska State Senate District 3 in 2008. I think its high time the purveyors of this website get out and educate the voting publlic about the fraud that is Christopher N. Geary. Can that self promotion to demi-god be far behind?

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    Culled from the necromanced thread titled:

    "Christopher Geary: Man, Martial Artist, DEMI-GOD!"

    The website for this campaign is here:
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    Amusingly his Autobiography is all about partial arts. Maybe he doesn't have much of a life outside partial arts?

    Are there any inconsistancies, missing bits or misleading statements in his autobiography for election?
    I began teaching the martial arts on June 29, 1994 and would later become the Founder/President of Christopher N. Geary's Shaolin Kempo Karate. I sought out 10th-degree black belt Professor Nick Cerio and was awarded my first certificate of Dan rank for Shodan (1st-degree black belt). Shortly thereafter, Professor Cerio acknowledged me as a Sensei (Instructor).

    On August 30, 2003, I received the World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Master Instructor of the Year award.

    In March 2004 Sijo Victor "Sonny" Gascon flew from Hawaii to Nebraska to recognize me as a Rokudan (6th-degree black belt) in the art of Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu (Kenpo) with the title of Shihan. At this time I was one of only 12 people promoted by Sijo Gascon to 6th-degree black belt since he began teaching in 1958.

    On June 29, 2004, Hanshi Lou Angel presented me with a Bachelor of Martial Arts, which is given by Angel's organization after a person has spent ten years studying the martial arts. The date on the certificate coincided with the ten-year anniversary of the day I began teaching.

    On October 16, 2004, Hanshi Angel came to Omaha to promote me to the rank of Rokudan (6th-degree black belt) in the art of Tenshi Goju Kai. At that time I was one out of 20 to achieve 6th degree or higher in this art.

    On June 29, 2005, the 11th anniversary of the founding of my schools, Hanshi Lou Angel promoted me to the rank of Seventh Dan (Shichidan) in my art of Christopher N. Geary's Shaolin Ch'uan Fa.

    In July 2005, I traveled to Oahu, Hawaii with Shihan Shawn M. Steiner (vice president of my company) and Melvin C. Muhammad (assistant instructor) to receive the "School of the Year" Hall of Fame award for 2004 from the Hawaii Martial Arts International Society. I also received a diploma honoring me with the rank of 7th-degree black belt with the title of Professor. (As of that date, fewer than 10 people in the history of the Hawaii Martial Arts International Society had received that rank/title.)

    Professor Jaime Abregana, Jr., Founder of the Hawaii Martial Arts International Society, explained that the Society had done a background check on me. Based on my outstanding accomplishments, credibility, commitment, and development of Kempo/Kenpo, I was awarded this prestigious title that is usually given at the rank of 8th degree. The diploma was presented to me by Professor Abregana and Professor John Pagdilao, the Society's Co-Founder and President.

    On August 2, 2005, I was again awarded the title of Professor from Hanshi Lou Angel, who had awarded this title to only one other person prior to me.

    On September 22, 2005, I was presented a proclamation by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman honoring October 15, 2005 as National Martial Arts Day in Nebraska. The award was presented at a ceremony in the Warner Chamber of the Nebraska State Capitol Building in Lincoln.

    In October 2005, I demonstrated my martial arts technique for Ron Chapél, Ph. D., the nation’s foremost authority on Sublevel-4 Kenpo™ Concepts. Dr. Chapél had flown in from southern California with one of his students to give a seminar in Omaha. Dr. Chapél is the Senior Master Professor of the University of Martial Science, which is the only American Kenpo school certified by the World Federation of Karate-Do.

    On March 6, 2006, I received Honorary Certification (7th-degree black belt) in Kempo Karate from Dr. Thomas H. Burdine, Soke / Head of Family of Kokon Ryu Bujutsu Renmei International. This was my first promotion from a Soke, and it was the first time Burdine had presented this honor to anyone.

    On September 1, 2006, I was promoted to 10th-degree black belt (the highest level of black belt) by Dr. Keith Nesbitt of the International Martial Arts Masters Federation. At that time, I was one of only four people whom Dr. Nesbitt had promoted to Tenth Dan.

    My promotion made me the second youngest Judan (tenth-degree black belt) Grandmaster in the world at age 35, and the youngest person in the United States ever to have achieved this rank through legitimate means. (Grandmaster Eizo Shimabukuro of Okinawa, Japan, received his 10th-degree certification in 1959 at 34 years of age.) On September 1, 2006, a reporter from KPTM Fox TV visited my Corporate Headquarters to interview me about my promotion to Tenth Dan.

    As of January 1, 2007, there were three Christopher N. Geary's Shaolin Kempo Karate schools in the Omaha metro area.
    At least his politics seems sensible enough.
    You are a total Douchbag. Train more, post nevermore.
    FickleFingerOfFate -08-21-2007 08:59 AM

    just die already.
    Plasma - 08-20-2007 11:45 PM

    Best MA website ever!!!!!:

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    Politics and Bullshido?.. nothing like videos of quack instructor's tubby students doing the whole superDood thing to make you wanna run out and vote him into orifice.

    When you look at his biography, it's like 2 paragraphs about his actual personal history and then like 9 of him bragging about all of his BS Martial Arts certs..

    I think the only people that will vote for this guy are the plumpers in his video, himself, his mommie, and all of his Black Belt Magazine Certified Instructors..

    It is, however, a testament to the grrrrrrrrreatness of this country that we live in(America),.. or maybe the lack thereof..

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    Now I fully understand why he tries so hard to collect people at MySpace. It seems he had planned it carefuly.
    And yes- people at MySpace believe him. : / Bad. Very bad.

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    See.. even the skeptics here on BS aren't too concerned with this terrier of a man.. I can't believe people like this actually exist.. It really is beyond me.. This guy started in 1994 as a BB instructor calling himself a sensei.. and now he's a 10th DAN.. LOL.. If people vote this guy into orifice, then I know that that t3h apocalypse is right around the fuckin bend.. please forgive me lord, for I have sinn3d.. etc.. BIATCH!!!...

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    A friend of mine sent that to me oO


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    It would be a shame if his opponents were told about his trouble in Florida, his misrepresentation of his "achievements," and his belief that he has magic powers.

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    If you watch the video, you see how absolutely ridiculous this guy is.. He thinks he's GOD.. Both videos are just complete Crap..

    The Caption for the first video - WTF????

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    Love this tidbit from Geary's myspace. Seriously, his opposition could have a field day with the stuff he's put on there... I submit Exhibit A:

    In Every Turn

    Softly kissing every curve on your face
    Caressing you with my firm touch in fields of magnolia
    Smile for me, as you do, turning to inhale that sweet southern air
    Whispering my vibrations to move throughout you

    Tremble and close your eyes as I leave from tasting your lips
    To show me your shyness as you turn away
    Giving me your neck as I move your hair as you exhale
    Always wanting me to have my way

    As my fingers and tongue melt into your wetness
    And in every turn you make, I shall consume you
    Inhaling for me in your every slow turning movement
    With wet toes and your murmurs of obsession

    Copyright © 2006-07 Christopher N. Geary

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