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    Quote Originally Posted by n00b
    Okay guys, I love feeding the troll as much as anyone, and his/her participation is only helping prospective students make informed decisions, such as 'I will listen to the insane person'... but on a serious note:
    Guys, forum rules prevent me from posting Lady Phoenix's real name but she is not a troll and is not Linda Patenaude (or Gerry for that matter). And English is her third language which explains the bad syntax in her posts. And I know this why? PM me and I'll explain. (Hey guys I'm snowed in today and have nothing better to do!)

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    Thanks, it still doesn't have anything to do with her blanket statements.
    It also doesn't address her general misinformation about Kung fu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix

    Ok, maybe we don't share the same opinion about how expensive it is. How much is for you when I say "expensive"?
    Well for me, anything over $100 is expensive.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix

    How much it would cost if they teach the class 4 times a week in every available hour they have?
    Good question! How much is it for FSD to teach 4X a week. If I recall, I was taught by the assistant instructors most of the time even tested by them. And when I signed on originally for 6 months, I was only allowed to attend class 2x a week.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix

    Too bad I don't live Ottawa.
    If you go and look at the two websites again, you will see that they post their lineage and their sister schools. They're not all in Ottawa.

    LadyPhoenix, thanks for finding/posting those wbsites for me. I could have posted them but I wanted someone without knowledge of them to do that. This way, it would show any newbie reading that there are other kung fu schools in the Ottawa area. There are a few others not posted.:eusa_clap

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    The info I picked up on her suggests that she's in a "Karate Kid" frame of mind and is easily dazzled by what FSD offers her. Her blanket statements about Kung-Fu are borne more out of naivety rather than any sense of malice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix
    Does it make sense to you why a Fraud MA would expand their schools almost all over in Canada?
    I think that you miss-understand. So, I will try it in French for you.

    M. Patenaude a réclamé de grandes capacités.

    Les grandes réclamations des capacités, exigent la grande preuve.

    Sans preuve, nous doutons des capacités. Avec la preuve, bullshido se ferme la recherche.

    Aussi, le Canada est puis Ottawa et Montréal.

    "Sifu, I"m niether - I'm a fire dragon so don't **** with me!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewa
    The info I picked up on her suggests that she's in a "Karate Kid" frame of mind and is easily dazzled by what FSD offers her. Her blanket statements about Kung-Fu are borne more out of naivety rather than any sense of malice.
    Again So?

    I'm not calling her a troll. I asked that she stop with the blanket statements. I can handle naivety.

    It is when you come back, after being told that all kung fu isn't expensive, trying to use an out of context statement as proof to support your argument.

    That is when I will lay into you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix
    PS: TKD...please, how many girls collection you have in your pitiful mind? Maybe, next time, you will call me Sabrina, whoever she is? lol
    - You may want to back away from the Egg Nog before posting there sweetheart. It is hard enough to understand you without the help.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix
    I think I don't need to search it. You keep saying different girls names and what I just said, it's already in present and not in the past.
    - Nope, for the record (like I have to remind you) I've only mentioned one or two women on this thread. Once again, tread careful darlin' we'd hate to see you find yourself in trouble.

    Now, where were we.

    Oh yeah:

    1.) Where did Jack train?
    2.) Who gave him his black belt/sash/dress?
    3.) Proof? Yeah that would be nice, **** I'd even settle for DeMille coming on and saying he gave Jack-In-The-Closet a pink miniskirt with purple trim! (PS - Does Jack still cut up his bananas?)
    4.) Why do you guys persist in lying about the 'MMA' match?
    5.) Open tournaments? Come on, we all know the boys are rolling around on the floor with other men (and this time it isn't just for Dad's amusement.)
    6.) When will Stephane be permitted to take the club in his direction? The boy knows what needs to be done.



    "Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot has instructed everyone to sit the **** down and shut the **** up." Henry Rollins

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    Lady Phoenix:

    Really? Seriously? I can buy andrewa's statement that your postings smack of naivete instead of malice, but at some point you have to open your eyes and look around a bit. I am not going to go back and quote every one of the ridiculous things you have said, but I am going to try and touch on a few of your assertions.

    - Stephane's money, Stephane's school, so Stephane can do what he wants.
    How do you figure this to be true? Do you honestly think that sJP lets the franchisees do whatever they want just becuase they gave him money? He has kept an iron grip on these schools, even while he has lost grip on his sanity, to try and preserve the mystique of Fang Shen Do. I was suprised that the entire Fang Shen Do/Therien school happened, until I found out that they were just sharing a space. Perhaps when they wheel sJP kicking and screaming to the old age home and sSP or sMP take over we will see some meaningful change, but not before.

    - sJP has expanded his school practically across Canada!??

    REALLY?? Do tell. He has a bunch of schools in Ottawa and the immediate Ottawa area. He has one school in Toronto. He has three schools in Montreal, one in Quebec City, and a smattering of schools in little towns in Quebec and Ontario. I think that BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NWT, Yukon, Nunavut, NB, Newfoundland, PEI and Nova Scotia MIGHT be part of Canada. At least the last time I checked. sJP has a long way to go before he is able to claim Canadian domination.

    - All kung fu schools are expensive.

    How so? Proof to the contrary has already been given to you. I have two friends who took classes for free in kung fu schools outside of Canada. I have friends who have paid as little as $20 a month for kung fu lessons. Unfortunately I am not going to trot them out here to back me up, but it is out there. As for Fang Shen Do, they are expensive. It has nothing to do with the quality of instruction or the little favours they do. They are just expensive. There are plenty of schools out there that will charge you less for better instruction.

    - sJP says he has black belts, so it is true.

    Holy crap. Are you serious? I had no idea. If someone SAYS something then it MUST be true. Gees lady. You are in for a long life full of cheating boyfriends, and financial scam artists if you think this to be true. DeMile and the WCD federation have already spoken to this whole situation be effectively excommunicating sJP. There have been plenty of accounts here, the most recent I believe regarding sJPs false claims of having mastery in Silat, where his statements have been disproved. It is nice for you to say DeMile has to come on here and say he didn't give sJP a black belt...oh wait - HE DID! Sorry, I will correct that right away. There is email correspondence within the Fang Shen Do threads from DeMile. So with that one down, who else do we need to search out? Oh right - sJP won't actually claim a lineage or say who taught him, so there is no way to check. He is scamming you and all his students, point blank. I told sSP that if his dad wants to come out and say he made the whole damn thing up, then go ahead. He would probably get more credit for saying that. But he won't. Yes, he is the president, as you keep pointing out. That means absolutely bubkus.

    - Bullshidokas are all internet warriors.

    Sounds to me like sJP did his work well with you. I'd never heard that phrase before it came out of sJPs mouth. It is his way of trying to do damage control by marginalizing anyone who says anything bad about he or his "martial art". You have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. I am surprised he hasn't TMed that statement. Just like sJP and sSP, you have no idea what martial arts experience anyone on here has. For all you know I could have six black belts or none. Same as just about anyone else here. Guys like TKDBB are professional fighters - I am confident in saying that his opinion holds a little more water than most. The fact that you pull out that little chestnut tells me that you have been drinking plenty of the KoolAid that sJP is serving up.

    Lady Phoenix, I am sure you are probably a very nice girl. The fact that you are willing to come on here and post in your third language and continually get slammed tells me you have some intestinal fortitude. You have to open your eyes. You are getting fleeced.

    Just a suggestion, and I mean this seriously - perhaps your should double post. Write your message in English and in French. Perhaps some of your message is being lost in the translation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyPhoenix
    The different is that, yes, it cost a lot. Kung-fu always cost a lot and had to buy their weapons. Are you a kung-fu student besides FSD? I'm sure that even in Shaolin Kung-fu would cost a lot and they want also serious student to come in.
    S'funny, I was teaching northern shaolin in Ottawa (up until 2 years ago when I switched to all-FMA), and despite that, was charging towards the low end for classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Branwen
    Hey Jack, I didn't notice that you replied me.
    Hi Branwen, that's OK. I didn't notice you replied to me either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Branwen
    Here's your answer:
    No, I saw it after I said to you that I couldn't find. It says, indeed, somewhere in the
    It's just a beggining and you're right...they are busy to update. It took them months to
    change or to update. They have lots of work to do in their schools.
    I think their new changes are cool. They will put more informations later on. I suppose
    that Sifu Martin have already prepared to put new informations on it (like the blog).
    Their first importance is to help their students, not the website.
    OK, thanks for the reply. I think I got it:
    Theirien hasn't updated their website because they're too busy, and their first priority
    is to their students. But fsd has updated their site because they're either not too busy, or their first priority is not to their students.

    Is that what you're saying?
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Branwen
    That's nice but I'm not sure where you're getting at.
    Oh, that news article about the fitness franchise getting slammed because of false
    advertising? Glad you think it's nice.

    Actually I'm pretty sure you know what it's about,
    we've all had some sort of experience dealing with places like that, haven't we?
    You know, like places that advertise that they do something, but actually do something
    else. Or like someone who makes outrageous claims thinking that no one will find out.
    But they do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Branwen
    And the web link doesn't work.
    Good call. Yeah, those darn news sites. They put stuff up, they take stuff down.
    But I found the article again and have reposted it below.

    Hehe, good thing you can ALWAYS find stuff that has been posted on the internet.

    Once on, never off. Even stuff that has been taken down.
    Very helpful when someone says something, and then it turns out not to be true,
    and then they deny they said it.


    Then the whole world not only finds out that that person is full of sh**t,
    but also that they're lying to try and cover up!
    And then they think people can't do a simple search and find out the truth?
    I mean, how stupid is that? Not good for business, that's for sure.


    Branwen, si t’es plus à l ‘aise en français, tu peux me parler en français.
    Puis je peux faire les traductions pour les autres.


    Premier Fitness to pay price for ad strategy
    Updated Tue. Nov. 27 2007 1:51 PM ET
    CTV.ca News Staff
    Premier Fitness Clubs has agreed to change its advertising practices after the
    Competition Bureau of Canada ruled it was not up front about all costs associated with
    The Competition Bureau and the company have now reached a consent agreement that
    addresses the concerns -- and requires Premier to pay a $200,000 penalty.
    They were mainly related to advertising strategies employed by Premier -- a company that
    owns 35 clubs in Ontario -- from 1999 to 2004.
    According to a news release, the bureau found Premier "did not adequately disclose
    additional fees that consumers would be obliged to pay in some of its advertising of
    membership offers on the radio, billboards, storefront signs, and in newspapers and
    Those who signed up for so-called free trial offers, ultimately had to pay for a
    mandatory "fitness assessment" or were required to commit to a one-year membership in
    order to receive the 30-90 day trial offer that was originally advertised as "free."
    As the result of the advertising strategy, the cost of membership was greater than
    advertised, which contravened a provision of the Competition Act that protects consumers
    from false or misleading representation.
    "The Bureau is committed to ensuring that consumers are not enticed to make purchases
    based on misleading information," Andrea Rosen, acting deputy commissioner of
    competition, in a news release.
    "Truth in advertising is fundamental so that Canadians do not sign contracts or make
    purchases only to find that additional costs have not been disclosed."
    Premier voluntarily agreed to the terms of the 10-year consent agreement. Under the
    agreement, the fitness club must take the following steps:
    Pay an administrative monetary penalty of $200,000;
    Publish a corrective notice in three Ontario daily newspapers;
    Post a corrective notice on its website and in its clubs;
    Implement a new corporate compliance policy that would ensure similar situations don't
    occur in future;
    Avoid false or misleading advertising in future.
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