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    Judo guys rarely do enough ground work to compete with a BJJ Guy.

    Sure, they could score IPPON! but without a ref waving flags like a signal man and standing them up they don't cut it.

    Whine all you want - just do your damn groundwork and learn to sub. Judo is as Judo does, but if you just train to score the throw thats all you're going to be good at.

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    "However, under kickboxing rules, I think Hoost can drop Tyson."

    Since I believe Tyson probably doesn't have much experiance with kicks coming towards his head....

    That conclusion wasn't so hard.

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    >Judo guys rarely do enough ground work to compete with a BJJ Guy.

    Damn I need to tell all those BJJ guys that FELL to my MIGHT!!!!! MWAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

    Still I don't see Yoshida winning the event.
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    Tyson vs Crocop

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    Now that would be good.

    Break that tattooed head open ^_^


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    Sapp has the 'benefit', if you can call it that, of losses to excellent guys like Nog and Cro Cop this early in his career. I mean, if you need a meter to improve your grappling or striking against, and you have a tape of your fight against Nog/Cro Cop, you're pretty well set on your way upwards. Other guys would have to trudge through the ranks to even come close to that level opponent, but Sapp's already fought them and is already learning a lot from the losses. I think those losses do him more good in terms of experience than any time he ever beat the **** out of a tomato can.
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    IF Tyson comes in SHAPE ( weighing less than 240lbs), IF he trains hard, IF he doesn't beat up anybody on the way to the ring, IF he doesn't **** up BEFORE the match, Tyson is still a great draw and one of the best in the game.
    Pretty big "IF'S" though, considering the Tsyon of late.
    When I saw him all fat and out of shape versus Lewis... that COULD have been one of the great fights, as it turned out... to fat, to slow...
    We will have to wait and seee.

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    yeah he sign a type of contract, I'm not sur eif he'll be fightign though because th eboxing commision says he has boxing matches around the time he's supposed to fight in Japan.

    He would easily beat bob sapp IMO....although he did okay vs a very good kickboxer just resently

    "Tyson vs Crocop" would be excellent.

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