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    Bujinkan videos which prove Virus was a lousy ninja with a lousy teacher.


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    First of all what you see in that clip is a KATA. This is not a technique that you would actually attempt in a real encounter, much like any of the katas in other martial arts, the difference with taijutsu is that katas are done with a partner and not solo.
    This kata like any other is to show basic forms and principles. He is showing it slowly so that the students can actually see what is going on, this is the same in any other martial art otherwise how would you learn anything?

    The way that guy is showing that kata isnít particularly showing it very well.
    In Taijutsu to begin with the person attacking will be compliant to a degree just so you can get to grips with how the technique works. When you have a good enough understanding and can perform the technique then you can (depending on your experience) get the attacker to come at you faster, harder, etc and not be compliant so that you know that it actually works.
    Then most importantly when you have the technique down, you throw it away and forget about it, as techniques will get you killed. The most important thing which Taijutsu is trying to teach you is the FEELING and how to move correctly, naturally and freely so that you can react naturally to any situation.

    I agree there are points that most Taijutsu schools do not teach or spend enough time on, these are striking and ground work. This is not to say that they do not work, it is just that the teachers do not concentrate on this enough.

    Also Taijutsu is taught as self defence not sport. This is very important also and overlooked. This means that when a technique is applied it is applied in such away that the attacker is not able to easily breakfall or rollout, it is designed to break, snap or tear bones and ligaments, Unlike judo and other sports where the opponent can easily breakfall unharmed in order to keep it as a sport. So it would be very difficult indeed to spar in the traditional sense without ending up with broken bones and dislocations every time you trained. This isnít the middle ages and we need to be able to get up and go to work in the morning.

    Another point, not once does anyone in this forum mention the PERSON that you may be fighting, they only mention STYLES. Is it not fair to say that a Muay Thai guy may defeat a Ninjutsu guy and vice versa depending on the persons fighting. As Shihan Sven Borgstater says "you are not fighting a STYLE, you fight that PERSON".
    My last point is that Virus you say you had four years experience in the Bujinkan and got tapped out when you went elsewhere and that you Black Belt is worthless, I can only suggest that you either had a really bad teacher, or that you yourself sucked, have you thought about that?

    Finally it is obvious that all martial arts have strong points and weak points so why try to always find the weak point in another martial art and try to slander it? Itís quite child like and ignorant...

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    Culled from:

    This gentleman's brilliant insight which prompted him to resurrect a dead thread is regarding these videos:

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    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    Uh, you do know that Sean (showing the techniques in your vid) advocates sparring, right? Not to mention that he crosstrained in Shooto and partook in (duh) Shooto matches to test his skills.
    I trained with him (though only once) and quite enjoyed it but it isn't what most people think of as typical for Bujinkan training.

    Quote Originally Posted by rainman
    Finally it is obvious that all martial arts have strong points and weak points so why try to always find the weak point in another martial art and try to slander it? It’s quite child like and ignorant...
    I've tried quite a few different avenues in my martial career (yeah, you can call me "Martial shopper" or "indecisive and immature" if that makes you feel better) and NOWHERE have I heard as much slandering of martial arts as I did in my time in the Bujinkan. I'm not even talking about our own dojo, where most of that talk was largely absent (not completely, though), I'm talking about people met abroad at seminars and Shihan teaching seminars etc. etc. etc.

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    I don't know if it's the fact that you named yourself after an autistic character, but Rainman, you've amazingly embodied every single moronic Bujinkan cliche into one post.

    How do you do it? Do you have a kind of martial arts ancestral memory where you can call on the life experience of everyone who's ever talked about kukan balls at will?

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    Rainman...don't you see that if you post a video of Sean Askew sparring then all you do is confirm that Sean Askew spars. If you post a video of Nagato fighting three Muay Thai guys with both arms tied behind his back then all you do is confirm that nagato is an badass. One person cannot represent and defend an entire organisation.

    I while back I sent a friend a clip of me and another bujinkan guy sparring and he said, "so what, we already established that YOU spar at your dojo, but I was talking about the bujinkan as a whole" ... I wanted to debate him then realised he was right.

    The question here is do YOU train like Sean Askew?
    And if you do, then do you have any footage of you training like this at YOUR dojo?

    (Pssst...Virus, I think someone has a crush on you :toothy12: )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubber Tanto

    (Pssst...Virus, I think someone has a crush on you :toothy12: )
    Doesn't surprise me as this thread is gay.


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